Author: Aaron Bastani


The Structural Forces Behind the Rise of Corbyn

Less than a month in leadership of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has shifted the political scene in Britain. What was behind rise of Corbyn? What does it mean for future of politics in the UK?
On the 12th September Jeremy Corbyn, who began as the 200-1 outsider, became the newest leader of the British Labour Party. While that feat alone represented a remarkable victory, the sheer scale of Corbyn’s win is without precedent. The MP for Islington North beat his rivals in the very first round, winning 59% of first preferences and an astonishing quarter-of-a-million votes. Viewed for much of his career as the perennial rebel of the Labour back benches Corbyn, an MP since 1983, has now attained its highest rank. And all with the biggest mandate of any leader in British political history.
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