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Paris, City of Love and Terror

Paris, City of Love and Terror

A few months ago Paris was distressed; an unprecedented catastrophe had occurred. What intensified the horror was that the attacks were committed from the inside. It was not reports of bombs and terror in an unimportant faraway land. This time, ISIS was right next door. Since then, France has called for a state of emergency and has taken up expanding police powers and security measures. Most recently, the government is seeking to expand police powers permanently. All this means more pressure on those that could fit the category of the possible enemy: migrants and French nationals of Arab descent. But what is life like for a French resident of Arab descent? What kind of political and economic relations weigh upon them? And what correlates to ISIS's appeal in France? To have a better grasp of the context in Paris and the everyday experiences of the “others” in France, we interviewed Sarah Mazouz, who has done ethnographic research in a youth employment center in the suburb of Paris. In her study she explores the, "the moral and emotional issues involved in the relationship between young people, mostly from working-class and immigrant origins, and their advisors." Sarah Mazouz is currently doing research on dual citizenship in Germany as a post-doctoral fellow for the Center Marc Bloch.
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